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About Brittany.

Brittany Lee McDonald is an actor, comedian, and  writer based out of LA.


She and her partner, Michael Delisle, have an online presence under the name, "Official.HomeSweetHome". They've had more than a handful of viral videos together! (LinkTree below).


She is a sketch performer who has been part of groups like, FUCT (Chicago Sketchfest), "Mom's Night Out" (Boogiemanja), and, On the Rocks (Bars....). She  was also on the late UCB house team (& the first all-female NY Maude team), "Grown Ass Women."


As a creator she produced/wrote/ performed in the original HGTV Parody series, "Home Sweet Home" as well as, "Potato Girl" (where she finally got to star as a, potato.)  She was a main performer in the sketch show, "Branded Content Will Set You Free" which was given a run at UCB Hell's Kitchen and brought out to UCB LA/Sunset. Among other shows that Brittany has written + produced is her one woman show 'Brittany's Palooza' and her two-woman show at the PIT.


Brittany holds a BFA in Acting at UW-Milwaukee-Wisconsin which means she can deliver any piece of text holding a skull.


She also likes Brie cheese. Do you?

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